Domestic Partnership Rights

Frisco Domestic Partner Lawyer

At our Frisco, Texas, law firm, the Law Office of Lauren Cain, our attorney has nearly two decades of experience helping clients with a wide range of complex family law issues, including those related to domestic partnership rights. She handles the most emotionally difficult matters with compassion and efficiency, knowing that a lengthy legal process usually leaves both sides wounded. Our firm handles all challenging family law matters.

Domestic Partner Issues

Custody, visitation, and support disputes involving domestic partners and gay or lesbian same-sex couples can be challenging. This makes it important to have strong legal representation to advocate for you. At the Law Office of Lauren Cain, we assist people involved in custody and support disputes during the dissolution of domestic partnerships. When there are children involved, custody and visitation may be complicated. For example, if the children were adopted, or if they are the biological children of one of the parties and were not adopted by the other partner, the courts depend largely on the facts of the case. This means that it is often necessary to bring in experts to testify about the best interests of the child and the circumstances of both partners.

Ask a Child Custody Lawyer

Our law firm works with a wide range of experts who conduct home visits, interview the children, and testify on behalf of our clients.

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