Tips For How To Prepare For Divorce

The decision to file for a divorce is a difficult one. When you said, “I Do,” you never anticipated it wasn’t going to be forever. Unfortunately, in today’s society, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Most couples who start the process of divorce are unprepared, and many times unsure about the process. Being prepared can eliminate some of the emotional struggle and frustration that could cause your divorce to be a much angrier process. How you go about the process can set the tone for how your family will interact for years to come. If you do have children with your spouse, it’s important to consider the relationship that you will have after the divorce is complete.

The following tips can help you be prepared for the process of divorce:

The Law is on Your Side

It’s important to become familiar with your state’s divorce laws, so you know what your rights are. Of course, hiring a seasoned divorce attorney who knows your state’s laws in and out will be crucial, but it’s also important you familiarize yourself with the necessary legislation to be sure your attorney is protecting you and your rights.


If you have children, you will need to understand the different types of custody agreements. Establishing a custody agreement can be one of the most difficult processes you and your spouse will encounter; it’s important to be prepared and ready to decide what’s best for your family situation. Knowing your rights can be the difference in making sure you see your kids equally after a divorce.


Before separating, make copies of all important financial documents such as bank statements with account numbers, retirement or savings accounts, mortgage or other property documents, or any businesses or things you held jointly in the marriage. Having that documentation can be helpful for your attorney to represent you in a court hearing.


Divorce is emotional and challenging many times; it’s important to keep your actions in check. Stay away from conversations that can lead to anger. Keeping your behavior in check can be significant, should you go to court. It’s also advised to stay away from any relationships until your divorce is completed. Remember if you have children, they are watching. While standing before the judge may be difficult, your kids can be the most critical audience you will ever answer.

For Legal Help

The Law Office of Lauren Cain is an experienced family law firm. They can walk you through the Texas divorce laws, and protect your rights in a divorce. Contact the Law office of Lauren Cain, at (214) 234-2622, today for a consultation to discuss your divorce and custody questions.

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