Texas Will Tie Car Registration to Child Support

The divorce or separation of a couple with a child may create no greater point of contention or dispute than the issues surrounding child support. There are many factors that determine if, as well as how much, child support may be ordered from a parent. Despite the ending of a relationship between two consenting adults who created a child, the financial and often accompanying emotional support of the child does not cease. When a relationship ends, the duties and responsibilities toward one’s child does not end and, in fact, may require more of your time and paycheck than before the demise of your relationship. 

Current Child Support Factors In Texas

There are many factors a Texas judge may consider when ordering one or both parents to pay child support. Such factors include, but are not limited, to the age of the child and the presence of any indefinite disability your child may have. In addition to age and long-lasting illnesses, other factors may include the financial stability of both parents as well as their capacity to emotionally care for the child. When a Texas judge orders a parent to pay child support, failure to pay may have a slew of legal consequences.

Car Registration Determined By Delinquent Child Support Payments In Texas

After a Texas judge has ordered a parent to pay child support, failure to do so may not only affect your child but negatively impact other aspects of your life, as well. Typically, becoming delinquent on your child support payments may lead adverse consequences, such as wage garnishment or even the revocation of your driver’s license. However, the State of Texas is soon to add another punishment to parents who fail to pay up. The state is slated to block parents who are delinquent for more than six months on child support from renewing their vehicle registration. Therefore, the state continues to find innovative ways to ensure not only that parents pay their child support but incentivize the payment of delinquent child support orders .

Reach Out to Us for Help

There are many factors in your child support case that may affect your final outcome for not only the amount of and duration of your child support order, but even the frequency of such payment. Whether you are approaching the arena of child support for the first time or you are contemplating a modification of your current child support agreement, obtaining the guidance of family lawyer is your best option for getting the creation of a parental agreement you are comfortable with. If you or someone you know may be struggling with any issues surrounding child support in the State of Texas, contact the family lawyers at the Law Office of Lauren Cain in Frisco, please call (214) 234-2622, to guide you through this family law process.

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