The Effects Of Divorce On Men And Women

Many people may assume that the only effect of a divorce is that two people cease to be married.  However, there are many psychological, emotional, and financial effects that both you and your former spouse may experience.  Because a significant amount of marriages end in divorce, it is useful to understand the different effects divorce can have on men and women.

Effects on You and Your Former Partner

For Women

Women are more likely to initiate a divorce than men.  Women are awarded custody of minor children in many cases, and many mothers receive no child support.  For women that do receive child support, it may not be enough to cover all expenses meaning that a newly divorced mom can face considerable financial hardship.  Also, there may be more societal stigma placed on working single moms than on working single dads.  However, research has shown that divorced women may tend to cope better emotionally than men due to a more positive outlook toward life after divorce.

For Men

Fathers often experience more emotional disruption than mothers because, in addition to losing a spouse, they are also likely to have their parental experience interrupted.  Even for fathers who see their children often, this can be an issue because the children are unlikely to be living in their homes. A man required to pay child support by the divorce agreement may run into financial problems since he is now a one-income household.  Although there is a less social stigma placed on divorced dads, men may be more likely to face negative emotional reactions to the divorce.


While men and women are likely to experience the effects of divorce differently, it is important to note that both parties are likely to experience noticeable and large changes in everyday routines, financial situations, and parenting experiences.  Keeping in mind that there are large changes and new situations for both sides can help couples make a smooth transition from married life to life after divorce.

For Legal Help

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