Texas Divorces Can Be Expensive

Texas divorces can be very expensive, both financially and emotionally.

Texas law allows a married couple to have a divorce finalized 60 days after the petition for divorce. However, most divorces end up taking much more time. According to a recent report in The Center Square, the average cost of a Texas divorce is $15,600. That average does not include divorces involving minor children. Based on analyses of divorce costs nationwide, Texas has the fifth highest divorce cost in the country. When divorces in Texas involve minor children, the average comes out to $23,500.

Divorce costs vary from state to state, and various factors affect the economic price tag of a divorce.

On average, divorce range from $8,400 to $17,500 in different parts of the United States. Generally speaking, longer divorce processes tend to cost more money. The parties must consider court costs and attorney’s fees over a period of time. Whether a couple has a contested or an uncontested divorce will also affect the overall cost. In uncontested divorces, the parties agree to all terms arising out of the divorce case. 

For example, in an uncontested divorce, the parties would agree to division of property and maintenance, along with other issues. If the parties have minor children from the marriage, an uncontested divorce would involve complete agreement about conservatorship. Uncontested divorces do not involve any issues on which the parties cannot agree. Once the spouses disagree about a single issue, those spouses will have a contested divorce.

Contested divorces often cost more money because they take more time. In a contested divorce, the parties must go before a judge.

If the parties own substantial community property and cannot agree to its division, processes of valuation and distribution take time. Likewise, if the parties have minor children and cannot reach an agreement about conservatorships, the court must step in. The emotional costs of a divorce can also be high. Indeed, many Texans go through grief stages after a divorce. Children and adults alike may benefit from therapy and family counseling once a court issues a final divorce decree.

 Not all divorce cases are prolonged and expensive.

According to Texas divorce lawyer Lauren Cain, “spouses have options to keep costs down in a divorce.” As Cain explained, “planning ahead and reaching an agreement with the other spouse can be essential.” Even when a particular divorce has complications, the parties can take steps to limit high costs.

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