Divorce Considerations During The Coronavirus Crisis

Covid-19 has changed our lives, in some ways, potentially forever.

It is changing the way we work, how we interact socially and it is impacting our relationships. For some, it is having an impact on divorce considerations and proceedings. Whether you are in the midst of divorce proceedings or whether the situation has caused you to consider divorce, you should know you don’t have to put your life on hold. There are steps you can continue to take or begin to take, to put you in a better position once the crisis passes. The Law Office of Lauren Cain is available now to help.

If You are Pursuing a Collaborative Divorce or Mediation

It is important to note that if you have already started divorce proceedings that involve mediation or a collaborative divorce, divorce professionals can continue to work on your case through video conferencing, phone calls, or other options. While pauses in the court system may slightly delay your resolution, it can still move forward. Stay in contact with your lawyer and in touch with what you can do to keep the process moving forward.

If Your Divorce Involves Litigation

If your case involves litigation, you are likely aware the courts have made accommodations due to COVID-19. Other than continuing to gather information and prepare your case, there is little that can be done to move forward. This is extremely unfortunate, especially if your case, like many, is acrimonious. A delay may feel unbearable. You can use this time to potentially re-examine the possibility of moving toward a collaborative divorce or mediation. Both sides may see value in being able to move forward in an out-of-court settlement in these exceptional times. It is certainly worth exploring.  

If You Are Now Just Considering Divorce

If the pressures of spending too much time together have you considering divorce, there is no need to wait to explore your options. You can contact divorce and family law attorney Lauren Cain and begin learning more about how you can start the process now. If you pursue an out-of-court settlement, there is no need to consider waiting. If litigation may appear unavoidable, now may be the time to begin to prepare your case and make some critical decisions on your future.

Covid-19 is causing many of us to re-evaluate our situations. This may even include your marriage. If you are in the beginning, middle, or end stages of a divorce, the steps taken now will impact your future. We invite you to contact the law offices of Lauren Cain. Frisco, Texas-based attorney Lauren Cain has over 20 years of experience in family law. She serves clients in Plano, McKinney, Denton, and other communities in Collin, Denton, and Dallas Counties.

Your life doesn’t have to be put on hold. The Law Office of Lauren Cain offers both virtual and phone consultations.

Contact us today for your desired results tomorrow.

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