Successfully Asking Your Partner For A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement Contracts

According to USA Today, prenuptial agreements are contracts devised before couples marry that outline how their assets will be divided in case the marriage ends. Although they are often used for property division purposes in divorce, these agreements can also determine how financial duties and other responsibilities will be handled during the marriage. Future spouses in Texas who are worried about how their partner will react to their request for a prenuptial agreement should use certain strategies to ensure the success of the conversation.

Account for Future Events

Once the drafting process commences, those getting married should make sure that their prenuptial agreement is able to account for events that haven’t happened yet. For example, couples should try to keep in mind what would happen if one spouse decided to stay home to raise their children or what would happen if one spouse became more involved in the family business.

Tips for a Prenuptial Agreement Conversation

While asking for a prenuptial agreement, Entrepreneur suggests that future spouses should make this request soon after they get engaged. Doing this can help both partners feel more at ease and encourage the development of an ongoing conversation.

Those getting married in the near future should also:

  • Draft the agreement together – future spouses should avoid presenting their partner with a pre-drafted prenuptial agreement. Instead, they should collaboratively work with their partner to draft an enforceable document.
  • Be honest about what they want – those getting married should be honest with their partner about any personal beliefs or family experiences that may have contributed to their desire to create a prenuptial agreement. It is important that this level of transparency is maintained throughout the entire creation process.
  • Listen to their partner’s concerns with an open mind – future spouses should keep in mind that their partner may have beliefs or ideas about prenuptial agreements that contradict their own. For this reason, partners should try to listen to the perspective of their fiancée with sensitivity.

Ensuring Enforceability

While drafting their prenuptial agreement, couples should also remember that certain mistakes could render this document unenforceable. For example, according to The Huffington Post, a prenuptial agreement may not be considered viable if one partner does not fully disclose all of his or her assets.

To ensure that their prenuptial agreement is legally binding, couples in Texas should consider working with an attorney throughout the duration of the drafting process. If you and your spouse want to create one of these agreements, reach out to an attorney in your area for assistance.

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