Texas Foster Care System Up For Revamp

It should not take something drastic for the state to realize that the child protection system of Texas needs a complete overhaul, but unfortunately, that is what has happened right here in Texas. According to Chron, Fort Bend County sheriff’s deputies initiated an investigation after Child Protective Services (CPS) decided to remove seven adopted children from where they were living in a Long Meadow Farms subdivision with their adoptive mother and, according to records, her husband.

Abuse & Neglect in Adoptive Home

CPS received a report that abuse was occurring in the home of the seven children in the Long Meadows Farms subdivision. They launched a normal CPS investigation into the allegation, only to discover that the seven children, ranging in ages from 13 to 16, were locked in a single room in the home. The children were also malnourished and CPS found that the kids were being struck with a wooden paddle so hard that they had bodily injuries. The investigation led to the arrest of the woman who adopted the teens, Paula Sinclair, 54, and her husband, Allen Richardson, 78.

How Did This Happen?

The teenagers who were found in the abusive home were adopted by Paula Sinclair back in 2003 and 2004. There is no way to know how long the abuse and neglect has been going on. Regardless, it never should have happened in a home where children were placed by the adoption process of Texas.

No Recurring Welfare Checks After Adoption

According to state officials, welfare checks are only conducted prior to adoptions. Once adoptions are complete, caseworkers will not visit unless there are complaints. It is sad that it takes something like this for CPS to admit that the agency needs a complete overhaul. There needs to be more oversight during the adoption process, for starters, and furthermore, the entire CPS process needs to be evaluated and changed.

Expensive Recommended Changes

According to Chron, CPS has had issues with high turnover, low morale, and a variety of significant blunders. In November, a report was released outlining extensive management failures within the agency. CPS also has a severe backlog of abuse and neglect reports. Emergency pay hikes and hiring 100 extra investigators to the tune of $76 million have been recommended by a Senate committee to catch up on the backlog.   

There are stories like this and then, there are the parents who are doing the best they can providing for and raising their children, only for a false allegation to be reported to CPS. If you are under investigation by CPS, you should contact a child protective services attorney. Call the Law Offices of Lauren Cain today at (214) 234-2622 for a free consultation.

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