Serving Collin County During COVID-19


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, life marches on.

Court closings, postponements, and delays are without question impacting family law processes, however, legal professionals continue to pursue their cases. At the Law Offices of Lauren Cain, we continue to monitor the situation. Despite closures, the Law Office of Lauren Cain is equipped for phone and virtual consultations to accommodate the matrimonial needs of Collin County. As the situation eases, we will conduct in-person consultations using the best social distancing practices.

If you are in the midst of or considering legal action, here is how we can assist you today.

Divorces and Separation

Those involved or considering mediated or collaborative divorce should know that these cases are proceeding relatively unimpeded. In fact, if you are considering a divorce, look at your out-of-court options. Lauren Cain specializes in a mediated divorce, and also represents clients in litigated situations. Steps can, and should, be taken now to place you in the best situation in the near future.

Co-Parenting Issues

This has become one of the most problematic areas of family law during the COVID-19 crisis. Daycare, homeschooling, visitation rights, medical care, and other issues that may have been settled prior to the pandemic have suddenly become issues for many. Children have, and are being used as pawns as parents have disagreements about what may be best for them during the pandemic. We can help with parenting facilitators and parenting coordinators. Their goal is to help parents reach a consensus about co-parenting issues without resorting to in-court processes. This is an affordable and viable option to co-parenting issues and to better preserve family relationships.

Child Support

If your child support case was scheduled to have a hearing and has been rescheduled or postponed, you can contact the Law Offices of Lauren Cain for assistance or you can connect directly online with the State’s Attorney General. You can request an online negotiating conference and a chat feature is also available. If child support payments have been impacted by employment situations due to COVID-19, contact us to proceed appropriately.

Other Family Law Issues

Lauren Cain has over 20 years of legal experience including family law. We are open and available right now to assist you with issues involving divorce, child custody and support, alimony, property division, and post-divorce modifications. We are also available to prepare prenuptial agreements, wills and estate planning, fathers and grandparent’s rights, and more.

It may seem like life has been put on pause but now is the time to make decisions and prepare for your better future. We can help. Call the Law Office of Lauren Cain in Frisco, Texas at (214) 234-2622 or fill out our online form. We will respond to your contact promptly to discuss your situation. We’ll explore your options and help you choose the path best for you.

Whether you are considering initiation a divorce or in the midst of a family-related issue, there are steps to take today.

Contact Attorney Lauren Cain today.

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