Understanding Child Support In Collin County

During a Divorce, Families Must Restructure Their Entire Lives, Including Their Finances.

Figuring out child support is an important part of this process, though it is almost never easy. Both spouses need to participate in the creation of a plan and follow it precisely to make sure the kids retain their stability. Parents can make this process much easier by bringing in a skilled divorce attorney to help — and by learning what to expect along the way. To help out, here’s a look at how this process works.

How Child Support Is Calculated

In Texas, the courts use a specialized formula to calculate the ideal monthly child support payments. They will look at each spouse’s net income from all sources, including:

  • Hourly and overtime pay
  • Salary pay plans
  • Tips and bonuses
  • Commission payments
  • Retirement income
  • Alimony payments

Even prizes and gifts count toward the net income total to give the court a clear idea on how much money comes into each household. Once they tally up all income, the court deducts insurance premiums, medical costs, taxes, and other mandatory expenses.

Unless the parents have 50/50 joint custody and the exact same net income, court officials will find that one parent must pay child support. They will look at how long the children stay at each household and the net income amounts to make their determination. Then, the parent instructed to pay must issue their payment on time each month to abide by the order.

Payment Modification Is Possible

The original child support order stands unless extenuating circumstances allow for payment modification. In order to have the owed amount modified, the parent must file a request with the court. This request is only honored in limited situations, including job loss, military service, or other big changes. Parents who are struggling to make their child support payments should discuss this option with their attorney to see if they might qualify.

How to Get Help With Child Support in Collin County

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